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Wildlife Allotment

We are creating a wildlife sanctuary on an overgrown and neglected allotment in Chiswick. The plot, which is about 20 metres x 30 metres, is situated in a remote corner of the Staveley Road allotment completely overgrown with brambles. Nobody had been willing to take on this allotment and the Local Authority has agreed that it may be set aside for wildlife.

Volunteers from the Society will:


*        clear away the brambles and rubbish left on the allotment;

*        build an access path;

*         plant a loose boundary hedge with a selection of native bushes;

*         form a boggy area using a rubber butyl membrane;

*         build a small shed using recycled wood to serve as a hide and information point;

*         plant a selection of wild native plants and shrubs.


We hope to cultivate habitats that will attract a range of birds, butterflies, insects and amphibians. In particular we will ensure that there is an accumulation of logs and dead wood to provide a habitat for the stag beetle, which is a globally endangered species.

When established it is intended that the allotment will be an educational asset for use by local schools and a peaceful refuge for the local community. It will also help to make gardeners more aware of the important contribution that they can make to wildlife conservation.


BAA Heathrow Environment Award


The Society has received a special environment award from BAA Heathrow which will be used to fund the Wildlife Allotment.

The Environment Awards Scheme, sponsored by BAA Heathrow, Groundwork Thames Valley and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, provides small grants for community groups and schools for projects linked to the Local Agenda 21 themes of green transport, health, environmental improvements, energy efficiency, recycling, nature conservation and green business.

The Plan


Click here to see the plan of the Wildlife Allotment.

With the help of volunteers, we have cleared the brambles and we are now digging over the ground, removing roots and excavating the boggy area. If you can spare some time to help, please come along and dig up some roots. Bring a sturdy fork!

If you would like to be involved in the project, please contact us.